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Brief welcome guide for new students - CAFIV Library

Basic information

Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information on open Saturdays, daylight saving time, closing dates, etc. see all schedules (automatic translation).




Remember that within libraries:

  • You CANNOT eat or drink (water only)
  • You CANNOT talk on your mobile phone
  • You need to respect the spaces of silence in the study areas

Access the Library and Documentation regulations (automatic translation).


Through the catalogue, you can search for documents that can be found in all UdL libraries. See the user guide (automatic translation).

You can also search for documents available at other Catalan universities through the Collective Catalogue of Catalan Universities and borrow them through the consortium loan service, PUC. See the user guide (automatic translation).


Recommended bibliography

Check the availability of the bibliography recommended (automatic translation) on each subject.

Loan service

To use this service you need a UdL card (automatic translation).

UdL APP (automatic translation) also provides you with a virtual card to carry out loan procedures and procedures.


What do we loan and under what conditions?







UdL Documents


14 days




21 days


More information (automatic translation)


Technology loan




Laptops, tablets, mouses, etc.

4 hours

Cameras, tripods, USB sticks, etc.

24 hors

More information (automatic translation)






Working spaces

3 hours

Depending on each library

More information (automatic translation)


All the libraries in the Library and Documentation Unit have self-service loaning machines that allow you to make loans without waiting at the information desk.

All you need is your UdL card.



  • Can I reserve documents? Yes, from the library catalogue you can reserve borrowed or available books and pick them up at the library of your choice.
  • Can I reserve workspaces? Yes, you must reserve them from the web page. Choose the Library, space, day, and time, and identify yourself with the campus username and password. More information (automatic translation).
  • How to renew borrowed documents? You can renew your loans within the time limit login in the catalogue.
  • What if I return late the documents? For each day you return late a document you accumulate a penalty point. For every 20 penalty points, you will not be able to use the loan service for 1 month.

Consult the complete loan guide (automatic translation).

Photocopies and prints

The devices are self-service with the UdL card. It can be printed from any computer connected to Internet (even from home).

The price of each print in black and white is 0.033€ and in color 0.09€.

You must register with the printing system and upload the balance to the card before you begin.

More information (automatic translation).

First time using it

Before photocopying and/or printing, you must follow these steps:

  1. Link the UdL card to your university username and password. You can do it from any machine or from the web page:
    1. Go to
    2. Authenticate with your UdL username and password
    3. Go to the "Change details" option in the menu on the left.
    4. Click the "Generate Number" button to get an ID number and write it down. You will need it to upload balance until you have a new card.
  2. Load your account. You can do it with cash on the machines you will find in the library or from
  3. You can now photocopy and/or send to print and collect the copies in the photocopier with your card.

Computers and wifi

In the library, there are computers to consult the catalog and access the Internet.

You can also use your laptops and configure the UdL wifi to connect to the internet and access library resources. See instructions (automatic translation).

Access to electronic resources from outside the UdL

The library's collections consist of:

  • physical documents.
  • electronic documents: books, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
  • audiovisuals.

The search is performed using CercaTot, the Library's catalog. See the user guide (automatic translation).

To access electronic resources from outside the UdL, you need to configure your browser's proxy.

Port: 8080

Depending on the browser, you can use one of the following methods:


The library offers training sessions (automatic translation) to learn to use the available resources (catalogue, databases, electronic journals, etc.). Check the schedule of ETSEA library or ask for information at the counter.

If you have any questions

  • Come to the Library counter where the staff will answer your questions.
  • Ask from the web form (automatic translation).
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