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Research projects and Open Access

Research projects

Researchers participating in projects funded by the European Commission in its Horizon 2020 Program and at national level the Law of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation must make open a digital version of their articles accepted for publication in journals, in an institutional repository, such as Repositori Obert UdL. In the case of H2020 the deadline is 6 months from publication and 12 months in the social sciences Publishing an article in an open access journal does not exempt its deposit in Repositori Obert UdL.​

How to make your research Open Access?

1. Before publishing

  • Types of open access: Green, Gold and Hibrid
  • Make sure all identifications are correct: author name and ORCID, affiliation and grant name and number.

2. Once published

To deposit an article in the Repositori Obert de la UdL you must do so via GREC:

  • Enter the details of your publication in GREC​ and attach the post-print author version 
  • The deposit must be immediate when the article has been published.
  • The library will make it available in the Repositori Obert de la UdL, respecting publishing policies, even if public access to the full text must be temporarily restricted.
  • ​It will be displayed on the Portal de Recerca de Catalunya.

Which version of the article should you deposit?

  • The latest version of the article you submitted after the peer review process, without the publisher's marks. This version is given different names: post-print author's final draft, accepted author manuscript, accepted version, post-print, etc

Include in the scientific-technical monitoring reports the reference of the published articles with the indication of the permanent URL of the article in the repository.  Example URL:

3. Deadline

The deadline is 6 months from publication or 12 months in the case of the social sciences.


Versions of a traditional research publication

diagram moving through the stages of a research publication. author versions: submitted manuscript (pre-print); [peer review and revisions]; accepted manuscript (post-print) - deposit this for possible Green OA. publisher's versions, after copyediting, typesetting, formatting: in-press version (some journals only); published version (publisher's PDF) - deposit this for possible Gold OA in DRO.

Image created by Deakin University Library. CC BY. Download PDF version

Author versions and Publisher versions

1. Submitted manuscript (or pre-print)

The first version sent to the publisher for review; not refereed.

2. Accepted manuscript (or post-print)

The author's final version, responding to peer reviewer comments, but before the publisher's final copyediting and formatting.

  • If you don't already have a copy of this version, you may need to ask the first or corresponding author of a multi-authored paper. If you submitted the paper using an online system, you may be able to use this platform to export the accepted manuscript or post-print version.
  • Deposit this for possible Green OA

    Many publishers allow the accepted manuscript to be Green OA in Respositori Obert UdL. Deposit in Word or PDF format (without comments or track changes).

1. In-press version

An early publisher version that may appear on the publisher's website before the final version. Typically includes the publisher's copyediting, fonts and formatting, but without final pagination.

2. Published version (or publisher's PDF)

The final version available on the publisher's website. Also called the version of record (VoR).

  • Deposit this for possible Gold OA

     If the research was published Gold OA with Creative Commons Licences, publishers allow to deposit the published version in Repositori Obert UdL.

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