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Tesis doctorals: publicació a TDX i al Repositori Obert UdL

Model per demanar permís a l'editor

Redacció suggerida per sol·licitar permís a l'editor per incloure un article com a part de la tesi a TDX i al Repositori Obert UdL:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the author of the following work[s] published by [insert publisher's name]:
[Provide a full citation for your work] 

I should like to include this work within the electronic version of my thesis, which I [am required to/wish to] deposit in the TDX (Tesis doctorals en xarxa) ( and Repositori Obert UdL ( TDX is a repository for the research publications produced by members of the catalan universities. Respositori Obert UdL is a institucional repository for a research publications and other research output produced by Universitat de Lleida. Both are non-commercial and openly available to all.

I should be grateful if you could advise if this will be acceptable.

Yours sincerely,

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